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Good Luck in ur examination,,my Collegians...

1.    The conversion of the verb becomes noun at the word “write” is…..

a. The wrote
b. The write
c. The written
d. The writed

2.    The Man …. You want has just left. The relative pronoun for the sentence is!
a. whom
b. who
c. which
d. Whose

3.    The chair …. Was broken is new mended. The relative pronoun for the sentence!

a. Of which
b. Who
c. Whom
d. Which

4.    The old man …. Lives next door has just died. The relative pronoun for the sentences!

a. Whom
b. Which
c. Who
d. Whose

5.    The gerund of the sentence, she suggests …. To the movie!

a. Went
b. Gone
c. Going
d. Go

6.    My father goes …. In the river. The gerund of the sentence is!

a. Fishing
b. Fished
c. Fishes
d. Fish

7.    I’ve just arrived by the train. The translation in Indonesian is ….
a. Ada kereta api datang
b. Kereta api datang pagi – pagi
c. Pulang bawa kereta api
d. Baru datang naik kereta api

8.    I repeated. The translation in Indonesian is …

a. Saya berputar – putar
b. Saya berkeliling
c. Saya mengulangi
d. Saya memutar kaset

9.    I didn’t enjoy it. The translation in Indonesian is ….

a. Saya tidak mau
b. Saya belum makan
c. Saya tidak menikmatinya
d. Saya mau pulang

10.    They didn’t pay any attention. The translation in Indonesian is ….

a. Mereka tidak bayar
b. Mereka tidak punya uang
c. Mereka ingin pulang
d. Mereka tidak memperhatikan

11.    Immigration officer: “would you mind showing your travel documents?”
Passenger: “Do I have to”
Immigration officer: “yes, that’s the rule.”
What will the passenger say?

a. I’d be happy
b. If you don’t mind
c. It would be pleasure
d. You are supposed to

12.    Male: “So how do you like these paintings?”
Female: “I think I’m impressed more to the sculptures. If I had enough room for one of
these apartments, I’d probably buy it.”
Where would this conversation be?

a. At the paint store
b. At the woman’s apartment
c. At an art gallery
d. At a museum

13.    Meidini: “…. do you think we need?”
Ronald: “Oh, about a gallon I suppose.”

a. How much paint
b. Now much paint
c. How many paint
d. How many paints

14.    He jogs for an hour everyday before leaving for work.
He certainly …. in keeping his body fit.

a. believe
b. believes
c. in believing
d. has believed

15.    If he had listened to his mother’s advice, he would not have …. down.

a. Feet
b. Fallen
c. Fall
d. Falled

16.    Mr. Ibenk …. an extremely timid person, did not try to advance himself

a. who
b. whom
c. who is
d. whose

17.    Gery was sick …. he did not come to school.

a. So
b. But
c. And
d. Because

18.    Certain bacterias are needed …. cheese and yogurt.

a. To make
b. The making of
c. They make
d. Made

19.    Direct: Jhon said: “I wrote a letter to my father”. Indirect of the sentence is ….
a. Jhon said that I wrote a letter to my father
b. Jhon said that he writes a letter to his father
c. Jhon said that he wrote a letter to my father
d. Jhon said that he had written a letter to his father

20.    Direct: Nina says: “I go to Medan with my mother”. Indirect of the sentence is ….
a. Nina says that she goes to Medan with her mother
b. Nina says that I go to Medan with my mother
c. Nina says that she will go to Medan with my mother
d. Nina says that she went to Medan with her mother

21.    Direct: He said:”I will never speak to her again”. Indirect of the sentence is ….
a. He said that I would never speak to her again
b. He said that he will never speak to her again
c. He said that he would never speak to her again
d. He said that I will never speak to her again

22.    Direct: Leo said: “Did you mail the letter for me?”Indirect of the sentence is ….
a. Leo said if you mailed the letter for me
b. Leo said if you mailed the letter for him
c. Leo said if you mail the letter for me
d. Leo said if you mail the letter for him

23.    Direct: Arul said to her: “why do you leave me alone here?”. Indirect of the sentence is ….
a. Arul asked her why you leave me alone here
b. Arul asked her why you left me alone there
c. Arul asked her why you leave her alone here
d. Arul asked her why you left her alone there

24.    The conversion of the verb becomes noun at the word “accuse” is ….
a. The accused
b. The accusing
c. The accuse
d. The had accused

I was having a dinner at a restaurant when Harry steele come in. Harry works in a lawyer’s office years ago, but he is now working at a Bank. He gets a good salary, but he always borrows money from his friends and never paid it back. Harry saw me, came toward me and sat in my table. He has never borrowed money from me. While he was eating, I asked him to lend me 1$. To my surprise, he gave me the money immediately. But after giving me the money he said “I never borrow any money from you. So you can pay my dinner now!”

25.    What does he always borrow from his friends?
a. He always borrows a shirt
b. He always borrows a car
c. He always borrows money
d. He always borrows book

26.    Where were you having dinner?
a. At the restaurant
b. At my home
c. At a bookstore
d. At my office
27.    Did you see Harry after a while or not?

a. No, I can’t
b. No, I haven’t
c. No, I don’t
d. No’ I didn’t

28.    How much did you ask him to lend you?

a. 1$
b. Little money
c. Much money
d. 100$

29.    Did Harry sit at your table?

a. Yes, he sits at my table
b. No, he didn’t
c. Yes, he sit
d. No, he sat somewhere else

30.    Did he give you the money at one?

a. No, he didn’t
b. Yes, he can
c. No, he doesn’t
d. Yes, he did

31.    What did he want you to do?

a. Pay a dinner
b. Go to the restaurant
c. Play a game
d. Call him later

32.    He brings my book on the table; the change in past tense form is ….
a. He will bring my book on the table
b. He is bringing my book on the table
c. He brought my book on the table
d. He has brought my boo on the table

33.    I am painting the window; the change in present perfect continuous tense is ….
a. I was painting the window
b. I will be painting the window
c. I paint the window
d. I have been painting the window

34.    She saw the film last night, the change in passive voice is ….
a. The film is seen by her last night
b. The film had been seen by her last night
c. The film was seen by her last night
d. The film would be seen by her last night

35.    somebody has cleaned his house since two hours ago; the passive voice form is …
a. his house cleaned somebody since two hours ago
b. his house had been cleaned by somebody since two hours ago
c. his house has been cleaned by somebody since two hours ago
d. his house was cleaned by somebody since two hours ago

36.    Her car …. by People last month.

a. Was repaired
b. Was repairing
c. Repaired
d. Repairs

37.    Those letters should …. By Rini yesterday.

a. Be mailed
b. Was mailing
c. Be mailing
d. Is mailed

38.    The institution for the handicapped was …. By the minister of social affairs in 1950.

a. Founded
b. Founding
c. Founds
d. Found

39.    Adi works …. nevertheless he is sick.

a. Hardly
b. Hard
c. Harder
d. Hardest

40.    She always does it ….

a. Welly
b. Better
c. Well
d. Best
41.    The adder is a venomous snake .... bite may prove fatal to humans.
a.    Its                c. That
b.    Whom its    d.  Whose
42.    The sport of hang gliding    by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
a.    Regulated it            c.  That was regulated
b.    Is regulated            d.  That it was regulated

43.    The javelin used in competition must be between 260 and 270 centimeters   
a.    In length            c.  Whose length
b.    It is long            d.  Lengthily

44.    Based on the premise that light was composed of color, the Impressionists came to the conclusion ... not really black.
a.    Which was that shadows        c. Were shadows
b.    Was shadows which            d. That shadows were

45.    ... a parliamentary system, the prime minister must be appointed on the basis of the distribution power in the parliament.
a.    The considered            c. Considering
b.    To be considered            d. Considers

46.    ... of the play Mourning Becomes Electra introduces the cast of characters and hints at the plot.
A.    The act first        c. Act first
B.    Act one                    d. First act

47.    As soon as ... with an acid, salt, and sometimes water, is formed.
a.    A base will react        c. A base is reacting
b.    A base reacts    d. The reaction of a

48.    Base S. The Internal Revenue Service ... their tax forms by April 15 every year.
a.    Makes all Americans file    c. Makes the filing of all Americans
b.    Makes all Americans to file    d. Makes all Americans filing

49.    Although one of his ships succeeded in sailing all the way back to Spain past the Cape of Good Ho Magellan never completed the first circumnavigation of the world, and ...
a.    Most of his crew didn't too    c. Neither did most of his crew
b.    Neither most of his crew did    d. Most of his crew didn't also

50.    To answer accurately is more important than ...
a.    A quick finish        c. Finishing quickly
b.    To finish quickly    d. You finish quickly

51.    Weathering ... the action whereby surface rock is disintegrated or decomposed.
a.    It is            c. Is
b.    Is that            D. Being

52.    A telephone recording tells callers ...
a.    What time the movie starts    c. What time does the movie start
b.    What time starts the movie    d. The movie starts what time

53.    The people of Western Canada have been considering ... themselves from the rest of the provinces.
a.    To separate        c.  Separate
b.    Separated            d. Separating

54.    It costs about sixty dollars to have a tooth ...
a.    Filling        c.  Filled
b.    To fill        d.  Fill

55.    Not until a student has mastered algebra ... the principles of geometry, trigonometry, and physics.
a.    He can begin to understand    c.  He begins to understand
b.    Can he begin to understand    d.  Begins to understand


1.    Change the conversion of the following words into adjective becomes verb!

a. sharp
b. light
c. long
d. large
e. short

2.    Make three examples of the sentence with using gerund!

3.    Change the following sentences into Indirect!
a. Raju asked me: “why do you always follow me?”.
b. She said: “don’t embrace me”.

4.    Choose the match relative pronoun at the following sentences (who, whom, whose, which, or of which)!
a. The magazine …. you lend me is very interesting.
b. The lady …. was here yesterday has gone to London.
c. A gentleman …. merchandise was stolen, cried all day.
d. The woman …. daughter is leaving for New York.

5.    Change the sentences on the bellow into present perfect tense!
a. We keep house in the village.
b. My father cleans his house on the yard.